Don Cheadle talks Iron Man 3

War Machine speaks

With all the fuss surrounding the upcoming Avengers spectacular, Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 has been shunted into the background somewhat. However, according to Don Cheadle, round three of the Iron Man franchise will have everyone talking when it arrives in 2013.

“This one’s a lot more action-packed,” said Cheadle in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “It’s crazy, it’s a lot more fun, My character is a lot more dynamic so I’m looking forward to it.”

Cheadle, who plays James Rhodes (aka War Machine) in the Marvel universe, will not be appearing in The Avengers (as far as we know), but joked that he has ensured he gets lots of screen time in the third Iron Man outing.

“I’ve seen a version of the script,” he said, “but I wasn’t in it enough so they’re going to have to [go back to] the drawing board!”

Cameras are set to roll on Iron Man 3 early this spring (pretty much as soon as the publicity for The Avengers dies down), with the film currently pencilled in for a 2013 release date. Looks like RDJ will be answering Marvel-centric questions for some time to come…

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    • jem0013

      Jan 18th 2012, 13:20

      Why on earth would they give War Machine more air time for the third outing? He's had his story now let's get back to the film that has just the one 'Iron Man'. And as for a spin off for War Machine, what's the point it would be just the same as any other Iron Man film.

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