Double trailer Friday

Spider-Man 3 and Ratatouille promos arrive today!

Usually when studios unleash their new trailers, they try to avoid a clash with another big film. But given how many hefty releases are dashing out into cinemas, it’s not surprising that there’s the occasional promotional pile-up.

Today will see the release of not only the final trailer for Spider-Man 3, which is premiering at the Comcast site, along with the promise of loads of other videos, including behind the scenes materials and interviews with just about everyone involved in the film’s production, from Sam Raimi to the Kraft service team.

According to the teasing Comcast types, the new trailer will feature lots of new material from the movie and since the videos will include featurettes on all the characters, spoilerphobes will likely want to skip it all until they’ve seen the film itself. Check out the good stuff here.

Also arriving is the brand new Ratatouille trailer, which has already been seen in its Japanese version via the sneaky YouTubes. The English version boasts some slightly tweaked footage and, thanks to Disney’s little player innovation (last seen showing off the Pirates Of The Caribbean 3) we have the player for you right here. Oh, and keep the page bookmarked and check back regularly as other videos will be playing in the slot leading up to the movie’s release. 

Spider-Man 3 arrives on 4 May, while Ratatouille will hit our screens in October.

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