Dr. Manhattan spotted over the Thames

Watchmen PR campaign stomps all over London

The Watchmen publicity machine went into overdrive last night, with a projection of Dr. Manhattan appearing above the Thames.

There was also a projection of The Comedian’s badge. It’s not quite as impressive as a massive figure towering over the London eye, but still cool. 

In related news, the online campaign for the movie isn't over just yet. The latest piece comes in the form of a new website, where you can run through Roschach’s psychological evaluation (as seen in the film). Check it out at www.6minutestomidnight.com


    • Padman

      Mar 5th 2009, 23:31

      That website was fun. Weird about the Rorschach sound-a-like. Though it has left me in a bit of a quandary; I'm not sure if I prefer that guy's voice, over Jackie Earle Haley's :-S Both good in different ways.

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    • fluffulike

      Mar 6th 2009, 13:10

      I like the fake newspaper cover for the "New Frontiersman" on the London Metro this morning. All about the "Public Enemy Number One" Rorschach! Off to see the movie in 3 hours at Imax! Who watches the watchmen? Well that me!

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    • spiderpants

      Mar 7th 2009, 17:42

      Saw the good doctor in person from Hungerford Bridge - looked really cool. He got blown about by the wind a bit, which wouldn't happen to a genuinely omipresent superbeing, but when the wind stopped the spectacle was a bit of a feast for the eyes I thought. Nice work Paramount

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