Dracula Untold is not a "vampire film"…

Luke Evans gets his fangs out…

In issue 223 of Total Film magazine, we go behind the creepy scenes of Dracula Untold – the action-packed monster movie that looks set to steal the vampire genre back from the tweens. Even if those involved aren't calling it a vampire film… 

Inside the issue - which is available for just £2.99 on your iPad – TF travels to the Belfast set to watch Luke Evans burn through Vlad’s backstory, taking inspiration from Braveheart, Game Of Thrones, Spielberg and, er, Unforgiven
"We're telling a different story" states Evans, "vampire films aren't really my cup of tea!"
“It’s a historical epic first and foremost,” adds director Gary Shore. “There are scares and elements of horror in there, but it’s more of a journey story, an action adventure with a big historical backdrop…”
For more on Dracula Untold pick up the brand new issue of Total Film, which is out Friday 1 August, and includes an exclusive look at Horns, The Conjuring spin-off Annabelle, Mad Max: Fury Road and much more.


    • douchebag1

      Jul 30th 2014, 14:35

      So let me get this straight: you wanted to make an historical epic, not a vampire film. And you chose to base your historical epic around the most iconic vampire in popular culture because you wanted to make an historical epic and not a vampire film? Okay, yeah, sound reasoning. I think these comments might have just lost you half your potential fan base.

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    • prettywilliam

      Jul 30th 2014, 17:48

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