DreamWorks plots a new Fright Night

A remake of the horror comedy

Nothing Is Safe From The Remake Brush, Part 8655: Fright Night has been added to the list of movies getting a trip to reboot city.

Yes, DreamWorks is in the middle of picking up a new take on 1985’s horror comedy Fright Night.

Tom Holland’s pic found teenage horror addict Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) discovering that his new next-door neighbour (Chris Sarandon, below) is a real, live  - well, undead - vampire.

But when he tries to warn his mother and the authorities, he discovers that no one will believe him.

Gaeta/Rosenzweig Films are behind the new version, which DreamWorks will use as one of its rare forays into horror.

There’s no word on a writer or any other creative types involved yet, but The Hollywood Reporter mentions that they’ll be updating the effects while trying to keep the blend of laughs and chills. Good luck…

[Source: THR]

A new Fright Night? Will you watch? Or would you rather stick to the original?



    • koolerking

      May 14th 2009, 8:07

      What's more frightening is all this stupid remake/boot/imagining b****ks that is going on at the moment. Has hollywood really lost all talent in coming up with new movies?

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    • mcghater

      May 14th 2009, 15:36

      dude hollywood lost its imagination a long time ago

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    • scoutgeo

      May 15th 2009, 20:29

      put in some cameos of the original cast (like the kooky sidekick), and it might be worth renting

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