Duncan Jones will direct World Of Warcraft adaptation

Johnny Depp rumoured for lead

Duncan Jones is set to make geek dreams come true, with the sci-fi director having been given the go-ahead from Warner Bros to helm their forthcoming World Of Warcraft adaptation.

One of the most popular computer games of all time, Warner has been attempting to adapt the open-ended fantasy for some time, with Sam Raimi initially attached to direct before eventually dropping out.

“The gauntlet was thrown down ages ago,” commented Jones on Twitter. “Can you make a proper MOVIE of a video game. I’ve always said it’s possible. Got to DO it now! ;)”

Jones is thought to be receiving a $100m budget to make this one happen, representing a significant step up in scale for the director. A script is also in existence, with the latest version having been written by Charles Leavitt.

No casting has been announced as yet, although Hollywood whispers are linking Johnny Depp to the starring role. Producers Thomas Tull and John Jashni are keen on an autumn  start date, so we should hear more sooner rather than later…

World Of Warcraft is tentatively expected to open in 2015. With Jones (Moon, Source Code) at the helm, we can presume that there will be an emphasis on character amid the epic-scale action.

Is Jones a good choice to direct? Tell us, below!


    • pingpong

      Jan 31st 2013, 9:51

      Shame they didn't ask Duncan to direct Star Wars.

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    • mattburgess

      Jan 31st 2013, 10:03

      Here here,

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    • Giles83

      Jan 31st 2013, 10:51

      "pingpongJan 31st 2013, 9:51Shame they didn't ask Duncan to direct Star Wars." I was happy with JJ but hadn't even thought of Duncan Jones for Star Wars, good call! Maybe he'll get a sequel if WOW is any good!

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    • willmccabe

      Jan 31st 2013, 11:21

      i think a little bit of wee just came out.

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    • SiMan

      Jan 31st 2013, 14:19

      Hopefully this will kick-start 'proper' adaptaions of games now. I'm sick of Hollywood ruining stories and characters that we've all come to love from games....Although, the only problem with WoW is that there is no definitive 'start-to-finish' story with it being an open world game, so we'll have to see where they take it.

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    • Seedorf

      Jan 31st 2013, 14:35

      OMG! Like Giles83, the thought of Duncan Jones directing the next Star Wars; didn't occur to me either! Definitely a good call from pingpong. Abrams is not a bad choice though. I'm not a fan of what he has done with Star Trek, but I like his other work; although he is too fond of lens flare, maybe. :p At least Abrams can't screw it up any more than Lucas has. Only person who could do a worse job than Lucas, is Uwe Boll. :p

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    • Hadouken76

      Jan 31st 2013, 14:57

      I would have preferred Duncan Jones do a Mass Effect movie. I guess they'll get to that eventually, fingers crossed Neil Blomkamp takes an interest.

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    • FBJRider

      Jan 31st 2013, 23:20

      "I'm so looking forward to this film" said no one ever.

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 1st 2013, 0:13

      Jones is talented and an avid gamer so I am very much looking forward to this.

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