Dwayne Johnson up for Johnny Quest?

Zac Efron rumoured as the lead…

Dwayne Johnson may be looking to keep his run of family-flavoured adventures going with Warners’ update of the Johnny Quest cartoon.

According to IESB.net, the Race To Witch Mountain star has definitely been talking to the studio about the project, which would be a live-action take on ‘toon series The Adventures Of Johnny Quest.

But where the series focused on a 12-year-old Johnny, who is helped out on his missions by caretaker Race Bannon (Johnson’s chosen role), the film may be looking for some teen appeal.

How so? The Website is reporting that Zac Efron is on the list for Warners’ idea of Johnny.

Plus Johnson might end up reuniting with Andy Fickman – who has worked with him on The Game Plan and now Witch Mountain – to bring Quest to life.

Warners will no doubt be hoping Johnny proves a more successful translation than Speed Racer…

[Source: IESB]

Do you want to see a Johnny Quest adaptation? Who would you cast?



    • ashley.russell

      Feb 16th 2009, 13:38

      it wasn't cool back then and it will be even less cool with Efron. Hopefully if he carries on doing teen roles he'll get too old and be stuck in teen film purgatory until people realise its borderline creepy.

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