Ed Helms talks The Hangover 2

Exclusive: “We all came back shell-shocked.”

Total Film recently caught up with Ed Helms, star of The Hangover Part II, and he filled us in on the tribulations of shooting the comedy sequel in Thailand.

Helms told us: “Thailand was brutal. It is a beautiful, majestic place to visit. But to work there, it’s just totally disconcerting and incredibly taxing.”

It seems that throwing the ‘Wolf Pack’ into that environment also took it out the actor: “To be thrust into that with this core group of guys with a lot of very aggressive male energy, it was intense, and, at times, scary. A lot of emotional highs and lows.

“I think we all came back shell-shocked.”

The Hangover Part II opens on 27 May 2011.

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Do you think the hard work will pay off for Helms and his Hangover buddies? Or would you rather they left what happened in Vegas, in Vegas? Your comments please!


    • EPOL1

      Apr 12th 2011, 18:37

      In a previous interview, Helms also said that "Bangkok is f****** cool: romantic and terrifying. I was afraid I might spin out on some William S. Burroughs-like bender, but I resisted.” To check out what the other cast members are saying about their experience in Thailand, check out http://www.thehangoverquotes.com/the-hangover-2-quotes

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