Eddie Murphy playing Richard Pryor?

He’s attached to Bill Condon’s biopic…

Eddie Murphy is attached to play comedian Richard Pryor in Bill Condon’s biopic Is It Something I Said?

Taking its name from one of the legendary laugh-grabber’s most famous comedy albums, the script has been floating around Hollywood for a while – at one point, Talk To Me’s Kasi Lemmons was trying to get it made.

But now, with Condon writing and directing and his Dreamgirls star on board, he’s in a position to start shopping it around the studios.

Pryor, who died in 2005, was known for his searing stand-up routines on racism and other hot-button subjects, a chequered film career and his struggles with drugs and alcohol.

There’s no word on a pickup yet, but according to Entertainment Weekly, Fox Searchlight  - who released Condon’s Kinsey biopic – are said to be interested. It remains to be seen if they’ll cough up the $25 million the director needs to get the film made.

And while Murphy seems a solid choice – he has impersonated Pryor in the past as part of his act – we’ll be intrigued to see if the final film features Pryor shooting Harlem Nights, which saw him appear with… Eddie Murphy.

So who’ll be playing Murphy? Or will they go the Man On The Moon route, where Danny DeVito played Andy Kaufman’s manager, and we never saw DeVito during the scenes of Kaufman (Jim Carrey) appearing on Taxi.

[Source: EW]

Could this be Murphy’s comeback? Or his downfall? Discuss.



    • alllewel

      Feb 27th 2009, 4:29

      I imagine Murphy would do a good job at worst. The question is more how the film will be around him.

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