Edgar Wright's The World's End gets a Comic-Con poster

And the film gets an official greenlight

Edgar Wright's The World End, the closer to the unofficial 'Cornetto' trilogy that began with Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, has been given a first official poster, especially for Comic-Con.

The film, which of course features Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, centres on five friends who reunite for a pub crawl, as the world, or theirs at least, hinges on armageddon.

Named after a Camden pub - and not to be confused with a Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel - it's no surprise that the poster namechecks several other drinking establishments.

Have these names been chosen at random, or could they be subtle plot hints? If so, we're a little nervous about what 'The Famous Cock' segment has in store (is it going to be like Shame all over again?)

Check out the poster below:

[Click on the poster to see it in hi-res]

And in other nice news, the film has also been given an official greenlight from Universal, and should begin shooting in October. We might just celebrate that news with a pint…

The World's End is expected to open at some point in 2014. We'll be following this one closely.

Has this new poster made you thirsty? Drop your comments below…


    • Ali1748

      Jul 14th 2012, 18:15

      I'll be honest I am not really digging this idea, the whole pub thing has been done already in Spaced and Shuan Of The Dead.

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    • FBGRedmond

      Jul 14th 2012, 18:24

      I think it's a perfect time for a Cornetto.

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    • marcusdiddle

      Jul 14th 2012, 21:25

      For what it's worth, just spent two weeks in London and there is indeed a pub named The Famous c**k. I've got pictures of it!

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