Elijah Wood talks The Hobbit

Frodo on 3D and his return to The Shire

With the release of The Hobbit just under 11 months away, Elijah Wood has been discussing just how nostalgic it was to step back in time to film some more scenes in the familiar climes of Middle-earth.

“It was a gift to go back and return,” Wood told Collider. “I was in Hobbiton again, for the first time in 11 years. I turned 19 in Hobbiton. I’m 30 now. That put a lot of things into perspective. It was beautiful. It was just beautiful to go back.”

"I was there for a month, and the majority of my time was just going to set every day and meeting a lot of the new cast members, catching up with old friends, and being in Wellington again. It feels like home, and those people feel like extended family to me. It was such a treat to go back. It was awesome!”

Wood goes on to discuss how things have changed in terms of the technology available to Jackson and his crew, explaining how the new 3D cameras allow them to tweak things on the hoof.

“It’s an odd sense of just tuning into [the 3D] and accepting it, but it’s totally amazing,” says Wood. “And, it’s really cool to see the 3D on set, and to know what the images ultimately look like. The technology is so good now. I remember, years and years and years ago, video assist was really rudimentary and watching playback was so rudimentary.”

“Now, because The Hobbit is being shot digitally, we’re seeing a full HD image, in 3D, pretty much exactly as it’s going to look when it’s thrown up onto a big screen. That’s amazing! And, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of it. They can do a lot of the tweaking on the day, which is really cool.”

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
opens in the UK on 14 December 2012. Start counting down the days…

Will The Hobbit live up to the original trilogy? Tell us your thoughts, below.


    • Hadouken76

      Jan 23rd 2012, 17:18

      10 yrs since the first of Jacksons' LOTR movies. Where does the time go, eh?

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    • FBKBradsha22

      Jan 23rd 2012, 18:15

      I am very excited for the Hobbit. I loved Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I think that the Hobbit is going to be just as amazing as the other films. Elijah Wood does an awsome job at playing Frodo. He totally makes the character. I will diffently be one that will see this movie. I have all the Lord of the Rings on dvd and plan to also have the Hobbit on dvd when it is released.

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    • Murphy0806

      Jan 23rd 2012, 19:38

      I recently watched all extended versions of LOTR so I'm a bit Middleearthed out at the moment. Hopefully I'll get a bit more excited closer to the time.

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    • albongo

      Jan 24th 2012, 0:40

      The Hobbit is one of the movies I am genuinely excited for. Oh and thank you Bradsha for taking the time to spell out the actual title. Why on Earth people rather type LOTR than the actual words is simply beyond me. Cheers.

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    • Murphy0806

      Jan 24th 2012, 8:51

      soz, lol

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    • ilikescifi

      Jan 24th 2012, 12:31

      I would like to see some back story for Smaug. I think the 3D will be awesome.

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 24th 2012, 17:55

      All this Hobbit mania makes me want to break out my Extended LOTR Blu Ray's again.

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