Enter The Void trailer

Trippy visuals galore in Gaspar Noé's latest

Enter The Void

Enter The Void, the new film from Argentinean auteur Gaspar Noé, has had its US trailer released online.

And it’s every bit as trippy and gorgeous as you’d expect from the man who gave us the controversial nailbiter Irreversible.

Having opened at Cannes last year, Enter The Void caused quite a stir with its shocking images – some loved it, some abhorred it. Either way, everybody seems to have an opinion about it.

The plot finds a young man attempting to gain custody of his younger sister after their parents are murdered, only for him to discover that he is dying.

Incorporating dream sequences that are based on near death experiences and drug-induced hallucinations, the flick contains mostly improvised lines and boasts Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter as sound designer.

Check out the trailer below…

Enter The Void opens in the UK on 24 September.

Will you be checking it out? Talk to us below…



    • MagneticEye84

      Aug 10th 2010, 8:33

      No thanks, looks twisted, depressing and perverted. These sort of dark messed up films leave me feeling cold, empty and without hope. There's enough negativity in the world. These films don't address issues. They only entertain the elite art house snobs who some how think this is revolutionary thought provoking cinema. LOL What a load of c**p!!!!

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    • stefan1979

      Aug 10th 2010, 9:57

      What are you on about!!! film looks amazing, the visuals are unbelievable!! 'These films dont address issues' clearly your not watching 'these' films if you think that. go back to your tabloid newspaper reviews or go and buy 'I stand Alone' and 'Irreversible' and tell me they are not powerful pieces of work.

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    • gonzoBen

      Aug 10th 2010, 10:07

      "... leave me feeling cold, empty and without hope." I felt the same after reading your comment bozz.

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    • jimmycbarr53

      Aug 10th 2010, 10:54

      Finally this film is being released in the uk! I've waited too long for this moment. Just hope It will be worth it.

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 10th 2010, 14:26

      Ill wait until this is screened on film4, watch a bit during the ad breaks of Law and Order SVU

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