Epic new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 released

"You wanted to be the hero..."

A new three-minute trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been released online, cramming in shocks, explosions and comedy one-liners.

Featuring a fair amount of shots of Spider-Man swinging through New York while Electro (Jamie Foxx) provides a creepy narration, it certainly makes the sequel look action-packed.

And while the trailer seems to be a longer version of the one Sony released and then yanked offline in early December, there's also some footage we've not seen before - including a blink-miss glimpse of the Green Goblin.

Paired with Hans Zimmer's fantastic score, this is looking massively promising.

Check out the trailer below...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in the UK on 18 April 2014.

What do you think of the trailer? Tell us below...


    • Ali1748

      Feb 24th 2014, 16:45

      Love the we interaction between Spidey and Gwen at the end.

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    • BobTheSkull

      Feb 24th 2014, 19:37

      Really looking forward to this. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the amount of villains - shades of SM3 - But I think it looks great.

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    • SiMan

      Feb 24th 2014, 19:45

      Se they had a little riff on the Joker's 'Like me' line from the TDK trailer. Still, starting to be a little more optimistic about this now. Just worried we've a clip of almost all the set pieces already now.

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    • Hadouken76

      Feb 24th 2014, 19:52

      With all the money they had, they could have made a Deadpool movie. These reboots are just surplus to requirements. I will still watch it though. On DVD.

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 24th 2014, 20:03

      Fox are in control of Deadpool not Sony.The Spidey universe is all Sony own.

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    • jessicaalvord4

      Apr 2nd 2014, 12:34

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