Everyman Cinemas present Halloween

Horror triple bills all weekend

The Shining

Everyman Cinemas will be spilling chills and thrills over the Halloween weekend during two London-based scarefests.

With screens set up at Everyman Scream on the Green and Everyman Hampstead, they’re offering horror films around the witching hour – just when they were always intended to air.

At the Scream on the Green, films will be showing every night from 11pm between 29-31 October. First up is George A. Romero’s classic Dawn Of The Dead, followed by Evil Dead II and godfather of horror The Exorcist.

Meanwhile, Everyman Hampstead will start earlier at 9pm on the same dates, with airings of chilly Swedish modern classic Let The Right One In, The Shining and Terence Fisher’s Dracula.

Tickets are going for between £8-10.50. Find out more by logging on to the official website or calling 0871 906 9060.

Will you be attending? Which is your favourite horror? Tell us below...

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