Evil Dead remake gets a male lead

Shiloh Fernandez will take on the Deadites

Despite leading lady Lily Collins having dropped out over scheduling issues, the casting process for the Evil Dead reboot continues apace, with a new name having been added to the project. However, this is no replacement for Collins, but rather a new leading man…

Shiloh Fernandez is the latest name on the cast sheet, and will take the role that Variety describes as the “male lead”. If you don’t recognise the name, Fernandez is best known for having played Peter in last year’s Red Riding Hood.

If he’s going to be the leading man, does that mean he’ll be taking on the Bruce Campbell role? Well, character details are slim at present, but there could be room for the cowardly incarnation seen in the original film.

The story focuses upon a group of five youngsters, who take a trip to a secluded cabin when one of their number (the character earmarked for Lily Collins) decides she needs some time out to recover from a drug problem.

The two male roles on offer are David and Eric. The first is a mechanic who’s engaged to one of the girls in the group, whilst the second is thought to be the one who triggers the Necronomicon’s terrible powers. We reckon Fernandez is in line for the latter…

Directed by Fede Alvarez from a script co-written by Diablo Cody, The Evil Dead will open in US cinemas on 12 April 2013, with a UK date yet to be confirmed. We hope one of those kids thought to bring a boomstick with them…

Are you excited or anxious about this remake? Thoughts below, please.


    • MorganRoss

      Feb 3rd 2012, 12:04

      He needs a better chin!

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    • McSerious

      Feb 3rd 2012, 16:11


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    • bertus1

      Feb 3rd 2012, 18:39

      phew. What a releaf. I caught myself crying the other day becouse i heard that the daughter og Phil Collins was going to be the next Ash. Good on you son, that is one mighty fine chin.

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    • Hadouken76

      Feb 3rd 2012, 23:17

      What these hollywood numpties forget was that the likes of Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw etc.. were made on a very limited budget and the producers had to improvise wit basic means, which gave their film a more pared down and disorientating feel. How is that going to come across with a full blown studio make over?

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    • murphy

      Feb 4th 2012, 7:39

      That "Leading man" looks like K.D Lang! This remake is just wrong on so many levels!

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    • pingpong

      Feb 7th 2012, 18:47

      The original was groundbreaking in terms of camerawork and graphic violence with a comical touch. What's the point to re=boot? What new could this bring to cinema audiences other that re-warming the story? (and probably making it 3D...yuk)

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