Evil Dead remake gets first gore-soaked trailer: watch now

Dead by dawn

Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake has released a first red-band trailer, and it’s just about as grisly as even the most hardened gorehound could have hoped for.

As Bruce Campbell commented yesterday, “the film isn’t funny”, and that jet-black tone is on display for all to see, as the Necronomicon is cracked open once more, and all hell breaks loose.

For those of a nervous disposition (or anyone who finds scenes of tongue-carving splatter a mite disturbing), we should warn you, it gets a little strong in places. Oh, and that tree is back again.

Check it out below…

While we were initially sceptical as to what could be achieved by remaking Sam Raimi’s horror classic, this looks to be a genuinely terrifying return to the woods, with plenty of nods to the original amid all the blood.

Co-starring Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez and Jessica Lucas, Evil Dead opens in the UK on 12 April 2013. Join us…

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    • deejaymontello

      Oct 25th 2012, 9:11

      Holy s**t. that looks, different from the original...f*****g intense.

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    • Trickycustomer

      Oct 25th 2012, 9:14

      looks good, but scary?.............nah

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    • pingpong

      Oct 25th 2012, 9:37

      The original wasn't really scary either. Although this one does look too gory for my taste, but maybe they packed all the cheap shocks into the trailer, otherwise you won't get to todays attention deficit audience. From what i've seen here I liked the freakish look of the ghouls/demons/whatevertheywere from the original better, it all had a much more creepy feel to it.

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    • mattburgess

      Oct 25th 2012, 9:49

      I understand that it's all personal taste and everything, and I'm sure there's stuff I enjoy that other people don't, but I really don't understand why anybody would watch something like this.

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    • FBPBoland

      Oct 25th 2012, 10:01

      Well it certainly doesn't look "groovy". Sam Raimi could have gone down the Take Me To Hell route but has clearly gone for today's visceral, 'torture porn' style. The closest thing to the black homour of the Evil Dead movies was Cabin in the Woods which was excellent.

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    • Mings

      Oct 25th 2012, 11:19

      That looks pretty good. Obviously it may seem a bit more intense the original, but then that's only a case of different contexts. When the original came out in the early eighties it was considered intense in the extreme by anyone not a fan of so called 'video nasties', which is why it became the figurehead of the video nasty witch hunt that lead to it and many other films being banned for years to come. Whether this remake will actually be any cop is anyone's guess really as a 90 second trailer is not definitive, but I'm glad that they seem to have gone for a straightforward horror route and not smug pastiche, or 'homage' piece.

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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Oct 25th 2012, 12:07

      I have remakes as much as the next man, and trust me, I sit next to him, he bloody hates them. But this looks brilliant!

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 25th 2012, 18:51


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    • DravenCage

      Oct 25th 2012, 21:56

      I genuinely wish people would stop automatically disliking a film just because it's a remake. As I've said many times before, a good film is a good film and a bad film is a bad film, regardless of whether it's original or not. No remakes, no Bourne Identity, no Heat, no Man on Fire, no The Thing (Carpenter edition... kinda), no The Fly. Seriously, the list of good-to-great remakes can run and run... and that's before we even get into the countless reworkings of Dracula, Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes, The Wolfman, etc. When I hear someone diss a film simply because it's a remake, I just think that it's a snobbish attitude to have and I feel sorry for people who can't bring themselves to be even consider that even though the story has been told before, the film itself might actually be enjoyable.

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 26th 2012, 1:44

      I really wish todays youth would stop supporting remakes and push studios for original material.

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    • DravenCage

      Oct 28th 2012, 10:27

      @ Ali1748 - I don't know if the "today's youth" comment was aimed at me, but as I'm 36yrs old, I would hope not. Original material can be fantastic and it can be utter dog-s**t, which is the exact same for remakes. I mean, by original material, are you also wishing there to be no book -to-screen translations also (meaning no The Godfather, no Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, no Tim Burton's Batman, no Christopher Reeve Superman)? No non-English-to-English remakes like The Departed, The Magnificent Seven or A Fistful of Dollars? No updating of an existing piece of work, so no The Thing (Carpenter), or Halloween? As mentioned above, Man on Fire (Denzel Washington version), Heat (De Niro version), The Bourne Identity (Damon version), The Fly (Cronenberg version) are great movies and if you had your way, they would never had been made. Here is a few remakes that I feel are good-to-great movies regardless of whether they'd been told before (and with a lot of them, I've seen and enjoyed the originals too) -: True Lies, True Grit, 3.10 to Yuma, Three Men and a Baby, The Departed, The Ten Commandments, No Way Out, Fatal Attraction, Man on Fire, Insomnia, The Fly, Heat, Little Shop of Horrors, The Bourne Identity, The Magnificent Seven, Cape Fear, The Crazies, Death Race, Last House on the Left (Craven version), The Mummy, Ocean's Eleven and The Thing. Now if you're saying that none of these films (and that's before we get to you cutting out all adaptations from other mediums) should've been made, then that's your opinion, but I can' t agree with it. Originality is overrated when it comes to storytelling. The entire point of storytelling is passing down a story to a new generation of people to experience that story. If that story is then updated in some capacity, then surely it's how well the story is being retold rather than the fact it is being retold which should be the barometer of judgement.

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    • charlycharles

      Nov 26th 2012, 23:35

      Looking forward to seeing this and compare it to the original which was great, I grew up on horror films and loved : The Thing, Halloween, The Exorcist ,The Fog, Texas Chainsaw etc but 90s were mainly full of sequels and 00's were these stupid final destination style things, re-makes I thought were good were Texas Chainsaw and loved Dawn of the Dead .. Recent years liked : House of the Devil, Rec, Serbian Film, the 1st Hostel and Saw 1-3 then they just seemed to drag out and then there were loads of torture style films... I think they have run out of ideas for horror??? maybe why so many remakes but, they appeal to a new type of audience who havent seen the originals. The trailer for Evil Dead re-make looks promising/nasty and I hope I'm not let down parting with my cash when it comes out in the cinema.

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