Ewan McGregor talks Star Wars: Episode VII

Exclusive: “I’d up be up for it”

Ewan McGregor reveals his trade secrets in the current issue of Total Film magazine (out now, and available on your iPad for just £1.99).

We also took the opportunity to grill him on Star Wars: Episode VII, and here’s an excerpt on what he had to say on the matter:

“I’d be up for it. If they need me to be Obi Wan Kenobi, I’d be happy to do it,” McGregor told us.

“Who knows what the story would be? How could I be Obi Wan Kenobi? Oh, I’m in the force? With Liam [Neeson]? We’re in there together? I’m up for it anyway. I will don the cloak again.”

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Would you want to see Ewan McGregor to return as Obi-Wan Kenobi’s ghost? Tell us below!


    • bogman2099

      Dec 29th 2012, 10:28

      thats great to hear notice he didnt mention hayden christianson

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    • Ali1748

      Dec 29th 2012, 10:58

      Erm no. Like I've said before the only returning cast member I want to see is Mark Hamill, having him as a Master looking over a new academy makes sense. We do not need to see an old Han Solo or an old fat Leia.

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    • garyu2

      Dec 29th 2012, 11:23

      Right so we have Samuel Jackson (Mace Windu - dead) looking to return and now Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan - dead). Do none of these guys know the story and, more importantly, the fate of their characters in the series to this point? Personally, I'd sack the whole sequel idea. Lets go back...delete Episodes 1, 2 & 3 and remake them. And this time, DO IT PROPERLY!!

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    • Desperation

      Dec 29th 2012, 12:59

      Of course he'd be up for it, his career is practically non existent.

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    • FBALeal

      Dec 29th 2012, 14:00

      Not true Desperation. He has a great career making food films. Not paying much attention are you.

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    • Murphy0806

      Dec 29th 2012, 14:23

      The Impossible, Jack the Giant Slayer, The HBO Corrections series. Seems like his career is going quite well. The only way they could bring him back is if Luke returns. At the moment it seems like there might be a whole lot of dead Jedi walking around.

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    • Ali1748

      Dec 29th 2012, 23:50

      Also we don't need to hear McGregor try another awful accent.

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    • ilikescifi

      Dec 30th 2012, 0:48

      McGregor is a fine actor and an excellent obi wan but will unfortunately not be returning in episode 7. I don't think any original actors will be returning, except for R2. Leia's children will be in the story.

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    • 2Dglasses

      Dec 30th 2012, 19:56

      Without being pedantic-shouldnt we really refer to this as a spin-off? It obviously cant pick up right where VI left off as everyone is 30+ years older. Even their children would probably be grown up. It also probably cant feature the Empire unless we're to believe the war has also lasted about 3 decades longer. So....a story set quite a long way in the future, barely linked to the original 6 films and with very few actors in common? Its a spin-off no matter what roman numerals or name we give it. having McGregor there would make little sense unless he was a hologram recording or similar.

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    • Lefty

      Jan 1st 2013, 2:15

      @ Desperation....What are you talking about?

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    • FBALeal

      Jan 1st 2013, 13:54

      Ali. What awful accent? The man is Scottish, not American. I am not sure you know much about the actor outside of the Star Wars prequel, if I may say so.

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    • Hotspur1882

      Jan 2nd 2013, 8:38

      Desperation, I think 90% of Hollywood A-Listers would kill for his career post Star Wars, and a potential Oscar nom for The Impossible? Can't imagine where it has all gone wrong ....

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 2nd 2013, 16:55

      What does me personally knowing McGregor have anything to do with his attempts at accents ? I like Ewan alot but his accents are just irritating, he should look for roles that don't require them or hire a better dialect coach IMO.

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    • arleneweiss

      Mar 12th 2013, 20:19

      I remember reading several interviews with Ewan McGregor a few years back dissing Lucas & Star Wars, his own opinions on how much he detested the discomfort and artificiality of CGI, his hating having to work with green screens & blue screens and he very much made it known that he pretty much was not enamored of the experince and that he did not wish to be a part of Star Wars anymore or the character of Obi Wan. McGregor seemed very cranky, distasteful & downright surly about it, even more so than Harrison Ford. Funny, now that both Ford's & McGregor's career trajectories aren't exactly going through the stratosphere anymore ("Flyfishing In The Yemen" & "Jack The Giant Slayer" both bombed for McGregor), (regarding Ford.."Cowboys & Aliens" anyone?), both of them are suddenly all lovey dovey excited about returning to the Star Wars fold (and the thought of a big payday with all the new hype sure isn't hurting any I'm sure.)

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    • BobbyTwoTimes

      Mar 13th 2013, 11:42

      Lovey Dovey?? I don't recall reading anything about Ford or McGregor being lovey dovey about appearing in Star Wars - they've both simply been asked whether they would like to appear in the new films and they've said 'Yes!" The linking factor between both of them speaking out about their unhappy memories from working on the films is simple.....Lucas! George Lucas is renowned for being particularly bad at working with actors and both Ford and McGregor are strong characters who will speak up if unhappy. Hamill and Fisher were both around 20yrs old when they did the first Star Wars so wouldn't have dared say anything to Lucas, but people like Alec Guinness, Anthony Daniels and Ford all regularly told Lucas how sh!t his script was. when Mcgregor got the phone call asking him to be Obi Wan Frickin Kenobi, there's not an actor on earth that would say "No" to that - but afterwards, he's always spoken about his dislike for the experience - he hated the amount of CGI, terrible script, awful character development....pretty much exactly what everybody else in the world thinks about the prequels really! They clearly both love the universe but not Lucas, so it's no wonder they're both keen to give it another go with a new director.

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