World exclusive Flight clip: Zemeckis' favourite scene

Denzel Washington and James Badge Dale debate fate....

Robert Zemeckis returns to what he knows best with Oscar-nominated drama Flight.

We've got a world exclusive clip starring Denzel Washington and James Badge Dale from what the director said is his favourite scene of the movie.

Washington plays pilot Whip Whitaker, a pilot hailed as a hero after saving a commercial plane from falling apart and killing all on board. The only problem? He's an alcoholic who was more than a little over the limit whilst flying.

Watch the clip below, as Whitaker attempts to comprehend the aftermath, and gets into a pretty thought-provoking conversation with a cancer patient as he recovers in hospital.



Flight opens in the UK on 1 February 2013.

Are you excited to see Flight? Think Washington'll be on fine form? Let us know below....

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