Exclusive image from our Taylor Lautner Abduction shoot

Twilight hunk broods, flexes biceps

This month’s Total Film features an hunktastic shoot with Abduction star Taylor Lautner, and we’ve got an online exclusive image below.

We caught up with Lautner in LA to discuss his leap to action movie stardom with Abduction.

With his legions of squealing fans, Lautner has the teen idol/lust object bit down pat, but will he convince as an action man?

He certainly has some lofty aspirations, telling us, “The most important thing I did with John [Singleton – director] was sit down beforehand and watch a lot of movies and study actors that I look up to.”

“We studied Tom Cruise in Minority Report, Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington…”

When we asked if he was actively looking to inherit their gig, he replied: “That would be an honour, to be compared to people like that. I look up to Tom Cruise and Matt Damon.

“I would kill to have the careers they’ve had…”

Check out the image below:

Abduction opens in the UK on 28 September 2011.

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Reckon Lautner will cut the action-star mustard when Abduction is released? Comment now!


    • Hadouken76

      Aug 30th 2011, 18:12

      Thats his tough face? More like a he's trying to sh*t a banjo sideways.

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    • Aberskene

      Aug 30th 2011, 19:27

      Did he pull that face and the wind changed?!?! It's the same 'blue steel' look in every photo associated with this film!

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    • 5thghostbuster

      Aug 30th 2011, 19:33

      Going down the action route may be the thing that saves him. Otherwise I see a post-Twilight career of Syfy original movies. Love the 'Blue steel' comment though, so true! :)

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    • teapot

      Aug 31st 2011, 6:35

      i just can't see myself letting go of my hard earned 10 bucks to see this film.

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    • FBALee

      Aug 31st 2011, 9:11

      I seriously want to abandon the theater every time I see this trailer, regardless of what I just forked 9 bucks out to see.

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 31st 2011, 16:16

      That image is so funny " hey look at me leaning against some bars doing my sexy smoldering face. " I bet Dalidab needed some fresh boxers after gazing upon that picture.

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    • writerdave87

      Aug 31st 2011, 22:18

      I just threw up in my mouth.

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    • FBALee

      Sep 1st 2011, 1:31

      I don't understand why Molina and company signed on to a dumb action flick so they can play second fiddle to a dude who can't even deliver his lines semi-believably. I'm assuming they each get 2 minutes, 15 seconds of screen time, so definitely not wasting my money to snooze in the movie theater.

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 1st 2011, 15:18

      Don't lie dave, that dalib comment got you all hot and sweaty.

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    • writerdave87

      Sep 2nd 2011, 0:34

      Says the guy who throws temper tantrums if people disagree with him, and talks ad nauseum about the pre-pubescent looking boys he wants to f**k. Coming from you I'll take that as a compliment.

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    • trist808

      Sep 2nd 2011, 0:58

      I don't understand why Lautner has a fanbase, he can't act, he only knows one "pose" and posing isn't acting. His nose looks like a prosthetic and he is constantly staring at it as if to say "what the f**k is that on my face?" ... yeah, we're wondering the same thing too mate! Is this really what young women go for? If so, it's a sad indication of our times. This film looks so bad and he (Lautner) proving yet again what a waste of space he is. I hope this dies at the box office and he gets his job at McDonalds sooner rather than later. Goodbye, we won't miss ya!

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