Exclusive: Kevin Feige on Captain America

Cap producer talks Red Skull, Avengers and more

Kevin Feige

Marvel boss Kevin Feige is a busy guy, what with Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man and The Avengers all currently wrestling for room on his plate.

But Total Film managed to get a few minutes with the comic book mogul as shooting continues on Captain America right here in the UK.

Talking up everything from Hugo Weaving’s “frightening villain” Red Skull, the current state of production on The Avengers, and just why England is the best place to shoot Captain America, Feige had plenty to say…
Why have you chosen the UK to film Captain America?
Well it’s that two thirds of the film actually takes place in Europe and there are many scenes in and around London. So it just made sense that we film it where the majority of the film takes place. Having been here now for almost two and a half months prepping and twenty-some days into shooting.
The history here is pretty impressive. I was at Pinewood yesterday and you walk past pictures of the set of Tim Burton’s original Batman and all the amazing work that Donner did on Superman. Everytime we’re on a new stage in Shepperton somebody tells me this is where the war room was for Dr. Strangelove.
Or this is where they shot some of 2001. There’s such an amazing genre film history here and the technicians and the crews and the sets are just some of the best we’ve ever had. It’s been a pleasure.
How the Red Skull looking?
Hugo Weaving has been in the Red Skull effect, in costume for a couple of weeks now and it’s a hell of a lot of fun. We gave people a little taste in San Diego about what his character will look like but now that we’ve started to work with the actual skull it’s going to be a lot of fun and a rather frightening villain.
What’s happening with The Avengers?
There’s not much I can tell you but Joss [Whedon] is hard at work with the script and we’ve hired most of our crew. They’re looking to design and build and prepare for when we start filming next year.

Which Marvel movie are you most looking forward to?


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    • mleyland

      Sep 7th 2010, 10:11

      I'm most looking forward to Dr Strange... but only if Werner Herzog directs!

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    • mleyland

      Sep 7th 2010, 10:12

      I'm most looking to Dr Strange... but only if Werner Herzog directs!

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    • therealeverton

      Sep 10th 2010, 21:05

      How do "we all" know The Avengers will suck? "we're" all realy looking forward to it and with the cast (sadly missing norton); and Wheddon writing and directing his could be challenging X2 & Dark Knight for best comic book movie. It can only be the Avengers for most anticipated Marvel movie. Although I'm very excited for Thor, especially after that 5 minute Comicon footage. Also Black Panther , must get Djimon Honsou, could be a very good, very different Superhero film. X-Men, whilst Marvel characters, isn't a "Marvel" movie and Lantern is DC so no there too. Dr Strange has great potential, a Danny Boyle or David Fincher (probably more than Marvel want to pay) With Johny Depp, Gary Oldman (too old I know, as is Alan Rickman), Edward Norton is ouut as he was Banner / Hulk so I'm just listing people who'd be great but can't do it! Not sure he'll ever do a superhero movie agai, or anything he isn't in love with, Ocean's apart, but Clooney could be a good fit. Alexander Siddig or Oded Fehr might work too.

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    • therealeverton

      Sep 10th 2010, 21:21

      Who is "we all"? Because here we all can't wait and think that with that cast and Wheddon writing we're all in with a achance of one of the most entertaining "comic book" movies of all time. Thor and Black Panther are also up there. X-Men isn't a Marvel movie but with Matthew Vaughan directing I'm looking forward to it more than I thought I would.

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    • jdemicco

      Sep 13th 2010, 15:22

      I'm disappointed that Edward Norton is not going to continue with the Hulk franchise. Never really found out why. I heard that he wanted to do it but they nixed him. Anyone know for sure? I'm looking forward to the Avengers movie, btw.

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