Exclusive poster for British thriller Piggy

New quad for the Martin Compston-starring crime drama

Piggy, a British crime thriller, hits cinemas next month, and we’ve got an exclusive poster to reveal.

The film stars Martin Compston (The Disappearance Of Alice Creed) and Neil Maskell (Kill List), and it doesn’t scrimp on the brutal violence.

Here’s the official synopsis:

"Joe (Martin Compston) is a mild mannered young man bored by his humdrum London life. When his beloved brother (Neil Maskell) is murdered, Joe finds solace in Piggy, one of his brother's old friends. Piggy helps Joe to cope with grief, intent on saving him and helping him get justice for his brother's killing.

As their friendship grows Joe finds himself in an increasing dangerous and murky world of violence and revenge. As Joe’s life collapses around him he starts to question who Piggy really is, and how honest he's really been with him. When Joe confronts Piggy a series of events are put in place that lead to a disastrous climax."

Check out Piggy poster below:

[Click on the poster to see it in hi-res]

Piggy hits cinemas on 4 May 2012, and will be available on DVD from 21 May.

Will you be checking out Piggy? Let us know!


    • McSerious

      Apr 26th 2012, 14:44

      Is it just me or does this scream "Piggy is a violent hallucination of Joe's personality who acts as an enabler for Joe to take revenge." I could be miles off the mark but I can imagine that being a 'huge revelation'.

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    • Sharkface1965

      Apr 26th 2012, 21:13

      Maskell was superb in 'Kill list' so I,for one, will be seeing this for that reason alone.

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    • SiMan

      Apr 26th 2012, 21:32

      Am i one of the only ones who actually did not like Kill List at all? If this is going to be a similar film, think i'll give it a miss

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    • Sharkface1965

      Apr 26th 2012, 21:52

      Films,like music, are a deeply personal experience, I have watched 'Kill list' 5 times so far and have a hankering for watching it again soon.I have bought it and recommended for friends who,so far, have not had the same reaction as myself. The last British horror crossover that affected me in the same way was 'Eden lake' and James Watkins (director) went on to make 'The woman in black' which has been a huge success. Ben Wheatly (director and writer of 'Kill list' ) may not ever produce a film of the like again but he has the potential to which excites me to an almost sexual level.

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    • Hadouken76

      Apr 27th 2012, 0:09

      lol you need to get out more

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    • murphy

      Apr 28th 2012, 11:45

      I'm with Sharkface on that one,i f*****g loved Kill List and can't wait to see what Ben Wheatley does next. And i might check out Piggy since Neil Maskell is in it..

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