Exclusive: Watch the new The Babadook trailer

Dare you open it?

We've got our hands on the terrifying trailer for horror film The Babadook, which will go down a storm at FrightFest 2014. In fact, we love it so much we're sponsoring it.

The tale of a single mum who reads a cursed storybook to her young son, unleashing a horrific monster in the process, The Babadook could be described as Evil Dead meets Dark Touch

Termed "Truly frightening" by our very own Rosie Fletcher, dare you watch the below?

The Babadook is set to hit UK cinemas from 24 October 2014. 


    • londonliu

      Aug 14th 2014, 19:22

      Why do we have to make people afraid of books? Why can't the Babadook live in cigarette cartons or fast food orders?

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    • CharlesBrown

      Aug 14th 2014, 23:56

      To be honest it looks like sh*t.

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