Exclusive This Means War premiere report video

Hardy, Pine and Witherspoon hit the red carpet



Tom Hardy, Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon have been in London to promote the release of This Means War, and the trio, along with director McG, rocked up on the red carpet at last night’s London premiere.

You can watch the video, which features interviews with the whole gang, above.

Hardy sports an impressive scruff of a beard, and he reckons that “the whole film was good fun… I tend to take myself incredibly seriously so it was to not, for once.”

Witherspoon meanwhile compares choosing between her hunksome co-stars to “Sophie’s Choice” and McG explains: “I was always curious about what would happen if Jason Bourne and James Bond took on each other in the spirit of chasing a woman…”

This Means War opens on 2 March 2012.

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    • Heisenberg

      Jan 31st 2012, 16:03

      Genuinely looking forward to seeing this, as is the missus. As they say, it looks like a fun, sillly movie that you don't take too seriously, can't wait.

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