Exclusive Video: Behind the scenes on Argo

All signs are pointing to Argo walking away with at least one Academy Award this Sunday.

So there's no better time to go behind-the-scenes on the film - and we've got an exclusive sneak peek, with chatter from Ben Affleck, at one of the DVD extras.

A massive part of Argo's success came from not only the ensemble cast, but the authentic and involving period setting.

Watch our video clip below to see Affleck and the cast chat about how they succeeded in honing both....



BAFTA award winning Argo is out on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download on Monday 4 March 2013

Did you love Argo? Do you think it deserves an Oscar? Let us know below...


    • tr1denter

      Feb 22nd 2013, 23:56

      I really think Argo deserves an Oscar. It was a well made and put-together film with a solid story line and I enjoyed watching it. It had the misfortune of being released at the same time as Skyfall (at least it did in the UK) and was consequently overshadowed and was soon out of the cinemas. Ben Affleck did a good job of both acting and directing and I had a chuckle when his character asked the Hollywood contact if someone could be taught to direct in a week, getting the reply that it was so easy that a gorilla can be taught to direct in a week.

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