Expendables 3 director set for The Raid remake

Patrick Hughes will helm US translation

The English-language remake of The Raid looks to have found itself a director, with The Expendables 3’s Patrick Hughes in line for the gig.

Variety reports that the director is currently in final negotiations with Screen Gems, as the studio seeks to press ahead with its cover-version of Gareth Evans’ actioner.

Out Of The Furnace writer Brad Ingleby has put together a draft version of the script, based on Evans’ tale of an Indonesia S.W.A.T. team raiding a tower block full of vicious gangsters.

Whether the heavy martial arts-based action of the original will also make the jump across to the US version remains to be seen, but hopefully it won’t be entirely subbed out for explosions and machinegun-fire.

Meanwhile, the studio reportedly has its eyes on Chris and Liam Hemsworth to star in the leading roles, although no official casting has been made as yet.

Would Hughes be a good pick to direct? Tell us, below!


    • BobTheSkull

      Feb 21st 2014, 8:39

      As much as remakes/reboots generally don't bother me, this kinda thing really irks me! Why on earth do Hollywood feel the need to remake something that is only a few years old and was well received in the first instance - just because its not a yank cast?!?!? It's ridiculous!!! It became so widely, well received partly because that US market liked it. Remaking it will only p-off the same damn audience. Can we say 'Ring/Grudge/Pulse/endless supply of foreign re-adaptations'. Oh, and while I'm at it - there's already been an American version of the Raid - It's called Dredd :-|

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    • trist808

      Feb 21st 2014, 9:55

      I absolutely loved The Raid (and it was only two years ago) and can't wait for the sequel. Why remake it? Because Americans are stupid and can't read subtitles apparently (which just isn't true). The Raid trilogy (now we know number 3 is definitely on the way) is IMO going to go down as one of the greatest martial arts/action series of films ever made and there's NO NEED to remake them for an audience supposedly too stupid to read their own language. I've been watching foreign films for over 15 years now and they are better than most Hollywood pap that gets churned out ... hey, I know who should direct The Raid remake .... Gareth Evans!!! ... oh, wait ...

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    • H3isenberg

      Feb 21st 2014, 11:18

      Presumably they learned nothing from Oldboy...

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    • apo1978

      Feb 21st 2014, 13:45

      Fook this sheet. Fook you Hollywood. FOOOOK!!

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 21st 2014, 14:01

      Thought there already was one, wasn't it called Dredd? mwahaha

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    • thedanieljson

      Feb 21st 2014, 14:17

      *jumps aboard bandwagon* This one really does seem pointless, as it was widely watched by Western audiences anyway, not just foreign film/martial arts fans. It was a highly promoted action film that most people will have heard of. All the new one will get is a ton of jingo-istic lines and a cliche ridden script and that's not okay.

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    • darrendelong

      Feb 21st 2014, 17:09

      Why remake an already good film? Bcos most Americans hate subtitles and would refuse to watch any films when that have no Americans in it and doesn't speak a word of English?

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    • Fozzy

      Feb 21st 2014, 17:18

      Utterly pointless. So Hollywood is gonna take an idea that they've done dozens of times, that's been done far better for a fraction of the money abroad, dilute it, give it to a director who's most relevant film will be the second sequel to the original piece of sh*t Expendables movie, and they're expecting it to be good? Honestly, I wonder why I even bother giving them any more of my money. This is so cynical it makes me mad!

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    • SiMan

      Feb 21st 2014, 19:10

      Although I don't like it, I can kind of see why Hollywood would remake a foreign language film. Surely its more of an adaptation of a story in terms of cultural style? For this though, isn't the director, Gareth evans, Welsh? Is he going to be involved in some capacity?

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    • Hadouken76

      Feb 21st 2014, 21:23

      It will be a PG-13 with tie-ins to KFC. *yay*

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