Expendables promo trailer blasts online!

"There is no plan…"

An extended batch of promo footage from Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables has arrived online and you can peep it below.

It looks like a loosely cut trailer for the film, of the type used to sell it to distributors - and it's loaded with the sort of quick fire action (and humour) we can expect from the finished product.

Yes, get ready for a bone-crunching, bullet-pumping, bad-guy killing mash-up of explosions and fighting as a mercenary team fight to overthrow a South American dictator.

Everything's OTT here, and with the likes of Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Eric Roberts and Mickey Rourke all aboard, it's like an '80s action movie got thrown into the future.

We'll have to wait until later next year to see it, but for now, go feast your eyeballs until they pop.


    • FastestMilkman

      Oct 14th 2009, 17:22

      Stand by for AWESOME! Looks a like a great laugh.

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    • fuzzcaminski

      Oct 14th 2009, 21:27

      That's looks so much fun, couldn't watch the video from your site, had to google it, none the less though, so much fun

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    • murphy

      Jan 17th 2010, 23:50

      yes it looks like a bunch of films i watched as a nipper chucked in a blender with a sprinkling of fresh one-liners can't wait!

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