Famke Janssen keen on X-Men return

Says she's waiting for the phone call

It seems that every other day now we hear more chatter about who is and isn't going to be involved in X-Men: Days Of Future Past. And while yesterday had January Jones seemingly ruling herself out, today sees Famke Janssen putting herself very much in the frame.

With Hugh Jackman already confirmed and Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart also thought to be on board, Janssen is keen to take her place alongside her old cohorts, although she hasn't been confirmed yet.

"If you run into Bryan Singer, just tell him I’ve been sitting by the phone," she joked to Collider. "I’ve been hearing rumours of all these people getting cast. What about me? I’m waiting…"

She also went on to discuss singer's approach to superhero movies, and why he's such an attractive prospect to work with.

"With the X-Men, Bryan Singer was very clear we need to base this in reality," she explains. "We’re not going to be making the regular superhero movie everybody else has been making up to now. These are just regular people with regular problems."

X-Men: Days Of Future Past opens in the UK on 18 July 2014.

Would you like to see Janssen reappear? Tell us, below!


    • silver25

      Jan 25th 2013, 11:41

      YES! She should most definitely be back for the new X-men!!!! wouldn't be the same without her!!!! CALL HER SINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Hadouken76

      Jan 25th 2013, 14:17

      Apparently she doesn't like being called Singer. *shrugs*

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 26th 2013, 2:55

      Erm but Jeane is dead

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    • FBALeal

      Jan 26th 2013, 3:06

      I don't care if Jean is dead. I would rather have a dead character brought back than have Halle Berry in the movie. Keep Halle Berry away from X-Men!

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    • Ali1748

      Jan 26th 2013, 18:36

      Famke Janssen is just as bad an actress although at least she was the better bond girl.

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    • farflungskillz

      Jan 27th 2013, 17:08

      Well I for one would welcome back her character/s as you know The Phoenix was apparently defeated in The Last Stand but that doesn't mean that she actually was Jean could in fact become alive again through the Phoenix Force and a rebirth of a Phoenix/Jean Grey character joining the X men would be so Cool.

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    • FBJRider

      Jan 27th 2013, 22:13

      She could easily be in it, I'm guessing the future in DoFP is going to be an alternative timeline to that of the originals, y'know like one where the third film doesn't exist, what a world that would be.

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    • rebeccajeremyre

      Feb 4th 2013, 13:32

      of course she can be the easiest to be in than your though all, she must rise once more because after her characters as Phoenix who turned into Dark Phoenix with a red one costume and now in X-men Days of Future Past 2014 she is as White Phoenix of the Crown with a white one costume, her last evolution is as White Phoenix of the Crown that more powerful than she was before in X 3 as Phoenix who turned into Dark Phoenix. so Famke Janssen must be in.. it would be definitely on list such as ; Halle Berry as Storm ( A leader ) James Marsden as Cyclops Charlize Theron as Emma Frost ; bring January jones out ! Rebecca Romijn as Mystique ( old ) Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike Taylor Kitsch as Gambit Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool Angelina Jolie as Scarlet Witch Vinie Jones as Juggernaut Tyler Mane as Sabretooth Ray Park as Toad Ian Somerhalder as Havok ( old ) Kelsey Grammer as Beast ( old ) Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler Kevin Durand as Blob Daniel Cudmore as Colossus Ben Foster as Archangel etc.. Awesome Villains way Apocalypse Mr. Sinister Holocaust and Exodus

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