Fantastic Four reboot gets a writer

And a producer - Akiva Goldsman...

Despite yesterday's news of Disney looking to buy Marvel, Fox still has control over the Fantastic Four, and the studio is pushing ahead with its reboot.

It has attached Akiva Goldsman - who, despite the Oscar on his shelf and some decent credits to his name is still a worry to most fanboys - as producer to oversee the new movie.

And Michael Green, who writes for Heroes on TV and co-wrote the latest draft of DC's Green Lantern has been hired to write a script for a new version of the Four.

While there's no official word yet on whether it will be a total re-set or whether the thesps behind the other two movies - including Jessica alba, Ioan Gruffudd and Chris Evans - will return to the main roles.

We'd guess that, given the mixed reviews and lower box office of the sequel, the slate may well be wiped clean and we'll be introduced to a brand new Mr Fantastic and his team...

[Source: Variety]

Do you want a new Fantastic Four? Who would you cast?


    • bentgaga

      Sep 2nd 2009, 4:11

      I hope they use a gurnie to clean the slate.. What a waste of story those 2 movies were..

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 2nd 2009, 4:26

      I'd rather they let the franchise sit on the shelf for a couple years.

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    • dustroom

      Sep 4th 2009, 13:31

      Mr Fantastic: Sean Penn, Susan Storm: Eva Green, The Human Torch: Shia LaBeouf and The Thing: a CGI creation (not rubber) voiced by Jackie Earle Haley. Have it directed by Cronenberg, slap an 18 rating on it and let carnage commence.

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    • Jaymo

      Sep 4th 2009, 16:43

      First film was s**t and I didn't even bother with the sequal. It is possible to get such material correct without losing the real world feel as in Iron Man, X-Men and so on but this whole affair seemed camper than christopher Biggins. Film makers need to show respect to the original source material and not just crank out a**e gravy like this because comic adapt's are big now. Hopefuly, Marvel taking control of the movie side of things with Marvel Studios will stop this and we will see a movie worthy of thier longest running title.

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    • alexr

      Jan 27th 2012, 12:30

      My idea would be to give this back to Marvel and let them do whatever the hell they want with it. Better than spoiling the source material further...

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