Fantastic Mr Fox trailer arrives

Wes Anderson's stop-motion take...

The first trailer for Wes Anderson's stop-motion 'toon based on Roald Dahl's The Fantastic Mr Fox is now online and you can see it below.

Featuring voices from the likes of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman, Owen Wilson and Bill Murray, it looks to infuse Anderson's quirky style with more than a slight nod to Clooney's Ocean's films.

The animation might not be quite up to the same level as, say, Aardman, but it definitely looks like Anderson's on to a winner.

And we love Murray's pitch-perfect deliver of Badger's line about his explosives expertise.

Take a look at the footage and let us know what you think...


    • Chufferstud

      Jul 31st 2009, 6:30

      I've been looking forward to this film and recently read the book again. Sadly the trailer is nothing what I saw in my head. Whilst the film looks fun and quirky, the American accents don't seem to work. I know Anderson wanted old fashioned animation, but it's distracting. :(

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    • zoodust

      Jul 31st 2009, 16:18

      chufferstud, you took the words right out of my mouth.

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    • RossyD

      Jul 31st 2009, 22:04

      Fantastic Mr Fox is my all time favourite Roald Dahl book and Wes Anderson is my favourite director so this truly is a match made in heaven. I've been so excited about this this to the point where I've had to tell myself to chill the f**k out. Now I've seen the trailer I'm left feeling like I really dont know. Great cast though.

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    • Q Branch

      Aug 3rd 2009, 10:06

      My kid will love it. He's six months. Other than that it looks - and sounds - awful. Hey, its like, Mr fantastic fox, dude. Just terrible.

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    • Q Branch

      Aug 3rd 2009, 10:08

      My son will love this. He's six months. Everyone else will hate it. It looks - and sound - awful. hey, like, it's my fantastic fox, dude. Lame.

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    • photoflash

      Aug 3rd 2009, 18:23

      Are trying to tell me in the whole industry they couldn’t find UK actors to find to the voices….. When I read the book; I had always like to hear a UK accent!! Well we see what happen when comes out I guess!!!

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