Fight Club: The Musical still on?

Chuck Palahniuk gives his grudging blessing

The prospect of a Fight Club musical - originally mentioned by David Fincher in 2009 - inches horrifyingly closer...

Original novelist Chuck Palahniuk has, surprisingly, not laughed off the idea as some kind of crass, Chris Morris-like dark satire.

"Fincher mentions it periodically", says Palahniuk.

"My screen agent advises me not to sell the theatrical rights, because apparently it's still supposed to happen.

"I think it could be fascinating - it doesn't horrify me. So I don't see why not."

Fight Club still seems too nichey for a Batman-style showtune makeover, but now Palahniuk has broken the first rule of Fight Club: The Musical (talking about it)...

Which other unlikely '90s movies should hit the West End, then? The Truman Show? Gattacca? Goodfellas? Boogie Nights?


    • TrentNavarro

      Sep 1st 2011, 15:40

      Well, if Trent Reznor will still provide the tunes it could be interesting (in a very weird kind of way)

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    • Hadouken76

      Sep 1st 2011, 16:35

      Next Scarface... " I want to live in America! Everyone high in America, Chainsaws are sharp in America! Take them to war in America!"

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    • freeenvio

      Sep 1st 2011, 22:53

      They have been wrestling with this concept for years.

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