Final Destination 5 trailer released

“You were supposed to die on that bridge”

final destination 5

The first trailer for the fifth Final Destination movie has landed online.

Basically championing more of the same, this latest entry in the never-ending kill-a-thon franchise sees the survivors of another massive disaster (this time a suspension bride collapsing) picked off one by one.

New methods for mutilation include an acupuncture session and squirm-inducing laser eye surgery. Yeah, nowhere’s safe.

This time around, Nicholas D’Agosta stars as the resident psychic whose vision of utter carnage causes him to avert the inevitable and save a handful of lives.

But Death wants his dead people, and he’s sneaky enough to know how to get them. Check out the full trailer below:

Perhaps most enticing about this new entry in the franchise (that bridge carnage aside) is the return of Tony Todd as a creepy coroner who seems to know exactly what’s going on. Hopefully this film will give him more to do than the franchise usually allows him.

Final Destination 5 opens 26 August.

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    • ChrisWootton

      May 10th 2011, 11:42

      I see that the producers decided against the hilarious 5nal destination logo...

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    • trist808

      May 10th 2011, 15:51

      That looks just as silly as the first four "The rules have changed" ... isn't that from Scre4m? Hehehe ... And TONY TODD is back!!!! Yay! The Man! The Legend!Anyone else laugh when the guy falls off the table or is that just me being a sick puppy? :) lol

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