First clip from Seth Rogen’s This Is The End: watch now

And there’s a poster as well

This Is The End, Seth Rogen’s directorial debut, has released a first clip and poster, featuring Rogen and James Franco introducing their new film in the context of the impending Mayan apocalypse.

As it happens, the film itself is about an apocalyptic event, with Rogen and a whole host of his comedy buddies playing themselves as the world goes to hell in a handcart.

This first clip features Danny McBride pitching up to meet the boys (Rogen, Franco, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson and Jonah Hill), and struggling to compute the exact gravity of the situation.

Take a look, below:

It’s an odd concept for sure, but there’s definitely plenty to be enjoyed here, particularly McBride’s reaction to the news that Michael Cera is dead…

Co-directed by Evan Goldberg and also featuring appearances from Jason Segel, Paul Rudd and Emma Watson, This Is The End will open in the UK on 28 June 2013. Assuming we get that far, of course.

What do you think of the first clip? Tell us, below!


    • AlfredsDream098

      Dec 21st 2012, 10:57

      This looks like it could be amazing. I'd rather see Pegg and Frost's but now I know that they are very different movies. Love the tongue in cheek style especially.

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    • philipjamesd

      Dec 21st 2012, 11:38

      Colour me excited! Not laughed this hard at a trailer in a long while!

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    • Ali1748

      Dec 21st 2012, 19:10

      Michael Cera's dead lol

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