First cut of Evil Dead slapped with NC-17 certificate

Fede Alvarez making cuts to secure an R-rating

In news that should surprise nobody who’s seen either of the ultra-gory red-band trailers, director Fede Alvarez has revealed that the first cut of Evil Dead was given an NC-17 rating from the MPAA.

As a result, Alvarez is back in the editing room making a few choice cuts in order to get the film’s rating down to a more box office-friendly R. Not that he sounds too disappointed by the outcome…

“Was proud of scoring a NC-17 when submitted!” beamed the director via Twitter. “But we had to cut stuff out to get an R and get the film into theaters.”

Given that much of the talk surrounding the film has concerned its “intensity”, and the fact that the poster claims the title of, “The Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever Experience,” the rating probably didn’t come as that much of a surprise.

Still, there will likely be a blood-drenched uncut version for gorehounds to savour when the film is released on DVD and Blu-ray. In the meantime, Evil Dead will hit UK cinemas on 12 April 2013.

Will you be braving this one at the cinema? Tell us, below!


    • FBMHobbs

      Jan 29th 2013, 13:46

      i dont get this.....surely you'd want an NC17 certificate??!?? It only means that people under 17 cant get in..... R rated has to be a weak watered down version......

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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Jan 29th 2013, 15:40

      I agree. Disappointed that "the most terrifying film we will ever see" © is being cut. I suggest cuts might make it a bit less terrifying? And, why is it better to have a full on bollox out version for DVD, where any sensitive under 18 can get a copy and watch it? Somebody explain why the nastier version will be available in homes where there is no stopping under 18s seeing it whereas the cinema version, which has ushers on the doors saying 'no sonny, Tinkerbell is next door' needs to be cut??

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    • DaveyMay

      Jan 29th 2013, 15:46

      Fantastically put RaveyDavey - couldnt have put it better myself. I would love it if somebody could explain that! I wait with childlike anticipation.

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    • trist808

      Jan 29th 2013, 16:04

      NC17 cert means death at the box office in America, that's why film-makers in the States don't want their films to get that rating. But it doesn't mean anything in the UK ... NC17 doesn't exist over here, it's equivalent would be the 18 rating I suppose (adults only) so it's entirely possible that the uncut version may get passed by the BBFC as 18. But if they cut it here as well and get a 15 rating it opens up a wider, teen-led audience and that means more box office ... which is a shame as Django Unchained has recently proved 18-rated films can take money and work in the UK, so here's hoping Studio Canal have faith in the film and push to release an uncut, 18-rated version :)

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    • SaveFerris

      Jan 29th 2013, 16:42

      There go my hopes of it being a decent remake then. The problem with so many horrors these days is that they're watered down. You wanna be 'proud of yourself'? Tell the people who want cuts to get lost and put out the film you wanted to make.

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    • FBJRider

      Jan 30th 2013, 0:26

      If it gets a 15 over here I'm not seeing it. I'll wait for the blood drenched DVD release.

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    • StevePotter

      Jan 30th 2013, 4:20

      Here's the thing guys- In America, R-rated films are pretty rare these days. R-rated DOES NOT mean watered down. Saw movies get rated R. Hostel is rated R. The fact that this film got NC-17 means this will still be an INTENSE R. PG-13 is what we in America consider watered down. An R-rated film can still be scary, intense and gory. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING, AND IT DOES NOT MAKE THE MOVIE WEAKER FOR IT. If they kept it NC-17, the film would be dead in the water. NC-17 movies simply CAN'T make money, because of the stupid f*****g rules regarding that. R-rated horror is a good thing people. I mean, "Dredd" was R-rated, and you can hardly say that "Dredd" pulled any punches.

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