First Fifty Shades of Grey Poster revealed

He's bringing a sexy back

The first official poster for Fifty Shades of Grey has been revealed.

And it's probably classier than you were expecting from the mummy-porn S&M literary phenomenon.

While the book concerns itself with whips, chains and the - ahem - 'red room of pain', there's nary a lubricant in sight in the first official teaser poster, which has debuted over at Entertainment Weekly.

In fact, all you get is a teasing strapline, and Jamie Dornan's besuited back. And as backs go, we suppose it's at least a sexy back. So well done there.

Anyway, check out the poster below and then let us know what you think in the comments section underneath.



    • hawleygriffin

      Jan 25th 2014, 22:11

      Im not really that bothered about this film one way or the other , however it does raise an interesting point. The book is touted as mummy porn , its never gona win a Pulitzer or anything, it has its notoriety from its subject matter. But if recent reports are to be believed they ( the accountants / studio executives ?) are looking to tone the movie down to an NC 17 rating so that under 18's can go see it . If this is there reasoning I cant see the point in them bothering to make the movie in the first place ? It wasn't meant to be for kids ( or for moral prudes for that matter) ? It be like making jaws but cutting the shark out ? Not saying they should necessarily be seen to be glorifying porn for the main stream but if your not going to tell the actual story why bother at all ??

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