First footage of Inglourious Basterds

Get at a look at Tarantino’s war movie right now

The first video of Quentin Tarantino’s World War II epic Inglourious Basterds has been show during an a teaser for an Entertainment Tonight special.

It confirms recent rumours that the first trailer will be revealed this week. Specifically, on the program tomorrow night.

There’s only a few seconds worth of footage, but it’s enough to give you an idea of what to expect. So here it is:


Question: Based on what you’ve seen, is this going to be Tarantino’s best work yet?



    • JammieD

      Feb 10th 2009, 13:34

      Tarantino's best work yet?...If Brad Pitt's acting is as it was in that snippet, then probably not. He just seemed to annoy me slightly in it. Will still go and see it, but he better not ruin it!

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    • John23

      Feb 10th 2009, 22:18

      Pitt's acting seemed deliberatly jarred and on edge. This film looks like its going to be a fairly camp ordeal, but hopefully Tarantino does it tastefully and weaves some of his magic awesomeness into it. But we shall have to wait and see.

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    • bothy

      Feb 11th 2009, 2:27

      I´m hooked! Seems interesting, if only for those 5 seconds... Tarantinos best work? mmm, I don´t think he will ever be able to top Pulp Fiction but it´s nice to see him doing some more "serious" movies. Kill Bill was fun, but what he has been doing lately was just not up there...

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    • joker16

      Feb 11th 2009, 2:38

      I hate to say it but it looks a little cheesy. Especially the clip with the guy running with the machine gun. It doesn't look as serious as I thought it was going to be. I pray that I'm wrong !

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