First full trailer for The Hunger Games arrives

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The first full trailer for The Hunger Games has landed online.

Fans have been fervently waiting for a proper look at the movie, following on from a slightly lame teaser that revealed little when it arrived in August.

Although this trailer gives a much better feel for what we can expect in the movie, it thankfully doesn’t go the whole hog and ruin the entire plot. In fact, it ends just as the games themselves begin.

It’s also reassuring to see that Katniss hasn’t been glammed up for the screen, with Jennifer Lawrence reminding us of her Winter’s Bone grit.

The trailer also gives us a good look at Elizabeth Banks’ Effie Trinket, and Lenny Kravitz’ Cinna.

Check out the trailer now:

Thanks to JoBlo for the embed, head to Apple to view the trailer in all its HD glory.

The Hunger Games opens on 23 March 2012.

Impressed by the trailer? Let us know!


    • LukeSween

      Nov 14th 2011, 16:19

      This looks far better than I thought it would. Got high hopes for this now

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    • BogdanZ

      Nov 14th 2011, 16:26

      yeah, pretty good. I wish it was the bloodbath like it was written. otherwise it's (still) going to be disappointing

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    • Lindz28

      Nov 14th 2011, 16:42

      Trailer looks great! Very excited as the books are awesome. It won't be bloody like the books, they've already said they don't want an R rating. I was thinking though, the director did a whole film about sex with Pleasantville without showing sex and that was great....

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    • MikeyRix

      Nov 14th 2011, 17:42

      Owch, this actually looks pretty good. I now have the urge to borrow the books and see what they're like...Hadn't even HEARD of them before this was announced.

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    • Jarworski

      Nov 14th 2011, 18:01

      MikeyRix if you are over the age of 18 don't bother, just wait for the film. They are really poorly written novels, the film can only improve on them. I hope they don't stick too closely to the book, especially the last third which is laughable at times. I persevered and read the second one but it was even worse. There is a decent story in there (although it owes a massive debt to Battle Royale) but it's buried under inept writing.

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    • Jarworski

      Nov 14th 2011, 18:02

      When I say over the age of 18, I probably mean 12 (although my sister loved em and she's 22!)

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    • FILMartin

      Nov 14th 2011, 19:52

      Jarworski makes his point clear: He doesn't like these books. I'm older than both 12 and 18 (and your sisters 22). Even at 31 I love these books, and being an English-lit teacher I recommend the first book to most of my students. However: As a movie-lover, I so far like what I see, but I am one of those who wish they would go the distance regarding violence and brutality. A book for youngsters or not: This is not a pretty story. Most readers will expect blood (as in the mentionad Battle Royal). It'll be interesting to see how they pull this beneath the R-rating without pushing a lot of readers away.

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    • Mings

      Nov 15th 2011, 1:05

      I have never even heard of the books outside of promotion for the movie but I like look of the trailer. I am 35 FILMartin, and I despise kidult franchises like Harry Potter etc. only because the books are, in my view only, not up to scratch. So my question is this: should I bother? Absolutely no disrespect meant to Potter fans, it's just that they were not my thing as I found them to be a bit derivative to be honest.

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    • JamieTSB

      Nov 15th 2011, 11:00

      Looks pretty good, except I don't understand why the trailer ends with the 1st three notes of the music used for Simon Bates 'Our Tune'?

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 15th 2011, 16:03

      Honestly I was more impressed with the Snow White trailer.

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    • willow138

      Nov 17th 2011, 1:59

      I too had not heard of the books until the movie began production and now it's being named as the next big book to screen franchise . I shall be heading to the Library this week now though as I like what I see in this trailer and in this article / comments about the books. I am a huge fan of Battle Royale and the second I read about this film a while back I was skeptical as I thought " oh here we go another rip off of a classic" but after this trailer I take back any negativity and think I shall give it a chance. As well what story is totally original nowadays anyway? Look at Twilight it's one of the most popular (with teenagers and mums mainly) book and movie franchises and it totaly ripped of the Buffy and Angel love story of a young girl in love with a 100+ year old vampire, which in turn ripped off literary vamp romance stories of the past.

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