First Gone Girl poster gets moody

Fincher's literary adap brings the mood

The first poster for David Fincher's literary adaptation Gone Girl is here.

And it's all about setting the mood.

Throw in one catchy turn of phrase, a peaceful still of the backwater town in which the tale is set, and a 24 hour news strap running along the bottom, and it's a pretty good job of nailing the mystery and media obsession surrounding it.

The tale of one man (Ben Affleck), his mysteriously vanished wife (Rosamund Pike), and the search for the truth of the situation is set to hit cinemas from 3 October 2014.

Are you a fan of the book? Like the poster? Let us know below!


    • jacobfinlay

      Apr 14th 2014, 22:28

      this was such a great book, and with fincher, affleck (who fits the character perfectly IMO) and the writer all in, i'm sure it'll be brilliant (not sure about pike but i'll trust finchers judgement there)

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