First image from Pixar’s Brave

Meet Princess Merida


This year may be all about Cars 2 over at Pixar, but John Lasseter and co clearly haven’t forgotten that next year will belong to a flame-haired, arrow-wielding heroine.

The animation studio has just released the first action pose-y shot from Brave, which is due to open June 2012.

It shows off Princess Merida, a skilled archer who accidentally sets evil upon the Scottish highlands when she is granted a wish.

Proving why it is celebrated as a market leader in CG animation, this first shot from Brave is as luscious and gorgeous to look at as anything Pixar has ever created.

That mane of hair is particularly impressive, as Pixar edges ever closer to gob-smacking realism.

Kelly Macdonald, of Trainspotting, No Country For Old Men and Boardwalk Empire, is on voice duties for the character.

Brave opens  22 June 2012.

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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      May 27th 2011, 9:28

      Personally, not yet excited about Brave. It doesn't sound very 'Pixary', its more like the kind of thing Dreamworks would do. But, its Pixar, so I expect to have my preconceptions changed when I see it

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    • Matt76

      May 27th 2011, 13:00

      If I was Pixar, I'd knock out a s**t film in about 3 months just to break the "Can Pixar continue it's flawless run!" headlines. Release some of the pressure and all that.

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    • 30bech

      May 27th 2011, 18:56

      Looks amazing and seems like Pixar have gone into more adult films like Studio Ghilbi.

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