First images from new Toy Story short

Check out Partysaurus Rex

The first images from the latest Toy Story short have just gone online, with everyone's favourite cowardly dinosaur Rex taking centre stage in the brilliantly named, Partysaurus Rex!

The new short sees Rex (now owned by Bonnie, lest we forget) getting involved in the little girl's bathtime, where the opportunity arises for him to show off his fun-loving side.

"If you’re a bath toy you get really intense playtime. It’s like a party,” says director Mark Walsh. “What I was going for was, you move to a new town and make new friends, and suddenly you think you have this chance where you can reinvent yourself."

"I love that Rex, in his sweetness, thinks he can reinvent who he is in the image of a party animal," continues Webb. However, there's more serious business at hand as well, as some of the toys find themselves stuck at the bottom of the tub. Can Rex help them out, or will they all be stuck there forever?

With a soundtrack provided by Grammy-nominated electronica artist BT, Partysaurus Rex will play in front of the upcoming Finding Nemo re-release, and promises to be another joyous update from one of our favourite toys. Long may these shorts continue!

Are you excited to catch up with Rex once more? Tell us, below!


    • moviemind91

      Aug 10th 2012, 23:42

      Very clever Disney. Having another short film of Pixar's most successful franchise being shown before a 3D release of Finding Nemo will definitely bump up those sales! I think deep down everyone knows 3D is slowly fading out and studios need to find ways of getting their audience to carry on watching them, this is a classic example. I may be wrong though, it's just my opinion.

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