First images from Woody Allen's To Rome With Love

Take a look at the star-studded cast

Plenty to report from Woody Allen’s next stop on his ongoing tour of Europe, with his Rome-set romance releasing a first batch of images, as well as undergoing a name change. What was once Nero Fiddled is now To Rome With Love.

The film will be broken into four separate vignettes telling the stories of a number of residents and tourists as they embark upon a series of romantic episodes.

If that synopsis doesn’t exactly get the pulse racing, the all-star cast certainly should, with Jesse Eisenberg, Penelope Cruz, Greta Gerwig, Roberto Benigni, Ellen Page, Alison Pill, Alec Baldwin, Judy Davis and Woody himself, all set to appear.

To Rome With Love
is set to open in the US on 22 June 2012, with a UK release yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, you can check out a whole host of new images from the film below…

Will Woody's next European adventure live up to Midnight In Paris? Share your thoughts, below.


    • thisgenius

      Mar 20th 2012, 13:57

      Cheeky Woody! Trying to slyly grab a feel! (2nd to last pic)

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    • joker16

      Mar 20th 2012, 14:04

      With the exception of Roberto Benigni, it looks great. Great to see Woody acting again.

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    • QuietLife

      Mar 21st 2012, 18:49

      @thisgenius You would though...

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    • FBRMaas

      Mar 22nd 2012, 21:50

      I am hoping this will be a very good movie. I like the fact it is set in Rome and it will be good to see Penelope Cruz performing in a film under the direction of Woody Allen once again.

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    • Medusa

      Mar 24th 2012, 17:41

      Some clips from the movie:

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