First look at Breaking Dawn Part 2’s family portrait

Meet Renesmee Cullen

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is beginning to loom large on the movie horizon, and with that fact in mind, Summit Entertainment have decided the time is right to give the fans a bit of a nudge with the release of a brand new image from the film.

The new picture takes the form of a Cullen family portrait, with Edward and Bella standing protectively in front of their young daughter, Renesmee. Naturally, this is a Twilight photo, so nobody is smiling, and the predominant colour is grey.

Of course, the main thing to note is that Renesmee is much bigger than you’d expect from a relatively newborn child. Still, that’s what can happen when you start cross-breeding with other species...

This final episode will see Bella and Edward attempt to rally support from other vampire clans in order to protect the child, when a false accusation has them called before the Volturi. Expect one hell of an inter-vamp smackdown before the dust finally settles here. And lots of pouting, obviously.

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 opens in the UK on 16 November 2012. In the meantime, you can check out the family Cullen in all its surly glory, below...

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    • Heisenberg

      Jun 13th 2012, 7:18

      Jesus everything these people do just looks boring. Thank f**k it will all be over soon.

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    • Nashnash

      Jun 13th 2012, 10:32

      I honestly thought that this film had already come out and Twilight was over.

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    • Ali1748

      Jun 13th 2012, 15:21

      You can hear the world groaning at the thought of another twis**te.

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    • FBJRider

      Jun 13th 2012, 17:30

      How can a vampire have a child? Vampires are undead, technically meaning he's dead. If he's dead he can't produce sperm, no sperm, no child. I know it's fiction so anything can happen but there's always a reality factor to fiction, there's always certain rules these things stick to. So how?

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    • FBKJoelsson

      Jun 13th 2012, 17:38

      The very same thing is brought up and questioned in the books from the very beginning of the pregnancy. Apparently, and conveniently enough, Edwards is a so-called incubus, meaning simply that it's totally possible if yet unlikely and extremely rare.

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    • FBKJoelsson

      Jun 13th 2012, 17:42

      In short - neither biology nor sperm has anything to do with it.

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    • FBSHarrigan

      Jun 13th 2012, 18:48

      There look like one happy wooden family. I am actually very sad that Twilight is going to be over, because the films are so fun to laugh at. It is pure candy for someone who loves bad films. I have so many fond memories of mocking these movies. The insanity factor of the franchise has increased exponentially since the first film too.

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    • loriedmo

      Jun 19th 2012, 13:55

      well i love twilight and i will be very sad its over, and yes if want to wet your pants is classed as excited YES YES YES BRING ON THE WEE!

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