First look at Elijah Wood in The Hobbit

New images arrive online

A batch of new images from The Hobbit have cropped up online, including our first official look at Elijah Wood in costume as Frodo Baggins.

The redoubtable little Hobbit looks more or less exactly the same as he did in the LOTR series, even fresher faced if that’s possible. Lucky old Elijah, eh?

Elsewhere there are some new character images of Bilbo and Gandalf, but nothing too revelatory. Both of them look duly serious, as the nature of their quest demands.

Directed by Peter Jackson and co-starring Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis and a whole host more, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens in the UK on 14 December 2012.

Check out the new images below…

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    • Desperation

      Oct 17th 2012, 15:29

      I still don't get this. Frodo isn't born yet. How can he squeeze him in, except in some pointless flash-forward, or something?

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 17th 2012, 20:32

      Pretty simple Frodo will read about Bilbo's adventures in the book he passed to him in LOTR.

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    • Monkeynuts30

      Oct 18th 2012, 23:34

      Yep, the entire trilogy will be one big flashback. It works too since it will include stuff Bilbo couldn't have known about until he wrote it al down; such as the appendices work and the White Council driving out the Necromancer.

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    • samtebow

      Oct 28th 2012, 18:19

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    • serenacelestine

      Nov 13th 2012, 21:12

      I'm really excited about this tbh. As a 19 year old girl... well, Elijah as Frodo is one of my favourite things in the LotR films! Really happy that he is going to be included in The Hobbit, and I think that Peter Jackson will work him into the plot effortlessly. Really really excited for the film now that I know Elijah as Frodo will be starring in it!

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