First look at Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies

He's looking a bit peaky...

The first official image has been released for teen zombie romance Warm Bodies, and it gives us some idea of what to expect from Nicholas Hoult’s brain-munching protagonist “R”.

Now, on first impressions, we’d say that Hoult’s undead teen looks a touch like one of the Twilight vamps, what with the razor-sharp cheekbones, pallid complexion and jeans-and-hoody ensemble. Let’s hope he does more than pout and sulk, eh?

Directed by 50/50’s Jonathan Levine and adapted from a novel by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies will follow the unconventional love story between “R” and Julie (Teresa Palmer), the zombie falling for her after eating her boyfriend’s brains.

Having absorbed said boyfriend’s memories, “R” sets about attempting to shed his flesh-eating ways in order to win her heart. However, the course of true love doesn’t run smooth, expecially with a zombie plague spreading across the nation…

Boasting a supporting cast featuring the likes of Rob Corddry and John Malkovich, Warm Bodies will arrive in UK cinemas on 24 August 2012. Move over Edward, there’s a new supernatural heartthrob in town…

Is this just a Twilight knock-off, or something worth seeing? Tell us, below.


    • njx29

      Jan 10th 2012, 10:59

      I'm completely torn as to how I feel about this book being made into a film. We all know that book adaptations either work amazingly or crash badly. Having read the Warm Bodies book I can safely say it isn't like the twilight books. Whilst I wasn't entirely convinced on the whole zombie falling in love with a human plot, the book was refreshingly different. Without giving to much away, it isn't like the twilight 'monster meets human and the only thing that matters is their love' story. There is more depth to Warm Bodies and i can only hope they are able to translate it to film without making it into a joke. I think Nicholas Hoult is an interesting choice for the lead 'R'...he's certainly got the acting ability so lets hope he pulls off being a zombie. I'm both excited and anxious as I patiently wait for this films release.

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    • Tscissorhands90

      Jan 11th 2012, 19:51

      If he is supposed to be a a zombie, he needs to look deader. I mean he just look like a moody emo who's not getting enough sleep! Besides I hate this guy. But the premise seems potentially promising.

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    • EddieFelson

      Jan 13th 2012, 15:17

      Quite interested in this, never read the books but I do have a soft spot for Zombies! John Malkovic is in it so it cant be a complete waste of time.

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