First official Avatar pic released!

James Cameron in revolutionary 'finger-pointing' moment

The first official pic from James Cameron's mildly anticipated sci-fi epic Avatar has hit the web.

Sadly, it's just a shot of JC and star Sam Worthington sitting in front of an intriguing but vague computery-looking machine thing.

Vital issues thrown up by the pic...

1. James Cameron can point with two fingers at once. Could he be alerting Worthington to some incredible two-headed alien beast or something?

2. Sam Worthington has got a tattoo on his right bicep. Looks like some kind of spiky, Celtic-type design. Or could it be part of his character - some form of 'branding', seared onto him by the two-headed alien beast in an intense torture sequence?

3. Worthington's character has to carry a backpack at some point. Does he, say, pack up all his worldly possessions and flee the two-headed alien beast? Then again, it could just be Worthington's own PE kit or something...

Keep an eye on for all the latest Avatar news as it breaks over the coming months...


Source: LA Times

Question: On a scale of 1 to 50, how excited are you about Avatar? '1' would be 'not at all', '50' would be 'I have quit my job to obsessively refresh the official website once every five minutes, twenty-four hours a day'.


    • AYBGerrardo

      Dec 23rd 2008, 20:29

      25...Got to remember that this is the genius that brought us Aliens....but also the sociopath who made us pay good money to see Titanic. Bonus points for the supposed tech advancement for this film. I'll keep an eye on the stories as they come, but it'll be the trailers and reviews that ultimately decide whether I'll risk seeing this one.

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    • spaceboy

      Dec 24th 2008, 3:15

      50... Cameron's big return to the classy spacemarine STYLE is just.. wow... oh and btw... how come you didnt noticed Mr cameron's TSHIRT? Looks like a battle angel alita poster to me ;).... as for worthington.. yup he as a backpack or something, the background could be from a spaceship ( there are straps on the wall), but what is strange is how his legs are tight together.. weelchair?

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    • i01377

      Dec 28th 2008, 13:53

      40!! I'll see the trailer first. there's the cartoon which I hate. that's why I've the reservation about this. I hate the cartoon but anything James directs should be worth the money. but I'll just see first.

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    • spaceboy

      Dec 29th 2008, 5:35

      err... @io1377... thecartoon is not the movie.. you are refering to the last airbender.... not avatar.

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