First Official Iron Man 2 pic hits

Tony’s back at work…

Now that Iron Man 2 is busy shooting, we can at last get a proper glimpse of Robert Downey Jr in action.

And unlike the Twitter pic of Tony Stark’s living room under construction, there’s actually something to see here (below).

Admittedly, we know what Downey Jr looks like as Stark, but it’s interesting to see that he’s been busy building back-up suits for his super heroic adventures (comic book fans might recognise it as his Hall Of Armour where he stores various versions).

Talking with USA Today, director Jon Favreau outlined where the pic, which takes place six months after the fateful press conference that saw Stark out himself as the armoured hero, is going. "How many superheroes are open about their true identities? We wanted to play with that idea.

“But it obviously has consequences — in his relationships, on the team. There are a lot of areas we can explore."

It sounds, though, that while Favs is finding making the sequel a little easier given that the groundwork’s been done, he’d like one aspect of the original back: “I really enjoyed when we were a dark horse and no one knew much about us. I hope we can find that place again."

You don’t get to be a dark horse that Twitters all the time, Jon…

[Source: USA Today]

Do you like this new pic? Are you eager to see another Iron Man?


    • Rachie

      May 1st 2009, 11:58

      I am really excited about Iron Man - absolutely loved the originl and think Downey Jr is a genius bit of casting. I just can't really get excited about this picture though. I need a trailer!!

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    • mattburgess

      May 1st 2009, 12:06

      Are those back up suits? Or are they just the old models, from the first on the left to the latest on the right? That's not to say it wouldn't be awesome if he DID have a Hall of Armour filled with back up suits, but maybe not as huge as the one in the 'toon.

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    • koolerking

      May 4th 2009, 0:28

      Im with mattbyrgess on this one, they look like older models from left to right. We need more!!

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    • razzaman123

      May 5th 2009, 17:19

      im with mattburgess to they are the big one that iron man batlled to the unpainted to the one that couldent stand the ice to his one

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