First official look at H2’s Michael Myers arrives

Rob Zombie posts a pic from his Halloween sequel

Rob Zombie has shoved the first official glimpse of how Michel Myers will look for some of his Halloween sequel H2 online.

Fans were disturbed to learn last week that the hulking killer would spend more time without his mask than in it.

FX tech Wayne Toth told Shock ‘Till You Drop that Zombie and co are striking off on new directions again, including having Myers sport different looks. “That's Michael's new look for a lot of the film. Fans will be shocked. They seem pretty responsive to it. But it's like anything else, as long as you're doing something cool, people get it."

We think he underestimates the possible fury. Still, it looks like the mask gets some screen time.

You can see how Michael (played again by Tyler Mane) looks in his mask below. And we’ve got one of the set pics of a bearded Michael in the gallery to the right, but only click there if you don’t mind possible picture spoilers.

Do you approve of what Zombie is doing with the franchise? Or hate it? Speak up!


    • naughts

      Apr 13th 2009, 13:27

      WTF! you cant have michael myers without the mask, thats stupid. This franchise shouldnt even be getting remade, zombies 1st halloween was s**t

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    • compernero

      Apr 13th 2009, 22:46

      Naughts absolutely right, All Zombies films have sucked so far, I'm only surprised at the cast he usually gets, great actors like Malcom Mcdowell and Brad Dourif, but it's probably because no one else is employing them? At least the will be no role for Mrs Zombie Who was paticularly Painful to watch in the origional re-imagining. (as she died...badly.. oops spoiler)

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    • thedarkknight

      Apr 14th 2009, 0:15

      Surely there is some greater power that will prevent this man for desicrating the classic series that is "Halloween"? The first film was rubbish, and NO MASK!?!?! WTF! STOP HIM NOW!

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    • eeyore1059

      Apr 14th 2009, 1:57

      I liked House of 1000 Corpses and that was it. All Zombie does is white trash horror. The characters are interchangeable in his movies. Want to try something different Rob? Try making a movie that doesn't look like it's set in a trailer park.

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    • rept0n

      Apr 17th 2009, 13:55

      Well... I'm a fan of Zombie's films, and actually liked Halloween. It might have something to do with not having been a great fan of the series in the first place. The reboot wasn't perfect, and was expecting it to be a little harder, but the casting was good. There SO will be a role for Mrs Zombie... she'll come back, either as the mother in a flashback, or as her twin, or maybe another character all together.

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    • Hollywood57

      Apr 18th 2009, 19:20

      I think you guys are being a little harsh. I'm not a fan of Zombie's earlier films but his Halloween reboot actually injected some much needed energy into the franchise that has been lagging since Donald Pleasance passed away. Is it as good as the older films, of course not, but lets be honest, they don't make horror films quite like they did 25 years ago. But it's a lot better than some of the other rubbish that is released these days.

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    • Smeegol

      Apr 22nd 2009, 13:26

      I don’t think it’s a little harsh but very harsh. I am a huge fan of the Halloween franchise and I think RZ's reimagine was utter brilliance. You can’t say its better or worse than Carpenters original because it’s not meant to compete with it, it’s someone’s take of the original. For me Zombies version was a master stroke to reboot the franchise and only enhances those originals even more. If he wants to remove the mask a bit in this one let it be. I'm sure there will be reasons.

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