First official review of The Spirit online

And the news isn't good...

Variety has posted the first official review of The Spirit and confirmed what a lot of bloggers already knew - it's rubbish.

Reviewer Justin Chang describes Frank Miller's full directorial debut as 'Miller-lite' and claims it's The Dark Knight's antithesis.

He also says it's: "feverishly committed to its own beautiful, hollow universe to the exclusion of any real narrative interest or engagement with its characters."

Chang's opinion certainly chimes with early reviews already posted on Ain't It  Cool News and Newsarama.

Which obviously isn't good news for anyone - especially those of us who were hoping Miller's flick would be a camp classic at the very least.

You can read the full review at Variety, but Will Eisner fans should probably have their morning coffee before they click the link.

Will you go and see it anyway? Tell us below!


    • scabo33

      Dec 19th 2008, 18:34

      We were so blinded about all the hot actresses.... we forgot how f****n stupid the film is! even the main actor looks completly out of place!

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    • joker16

      Dec 19th 2008, 22:12

      I never had any intention to see this trash!

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    • ashley.russell

      Dec 21st 2008, 16:53

      'I'm going to kill you all kinds of dead" who'd pay to hear c**p like that anyway? I'm going to miss this all kinds of absent :s

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    • GreenePlanet

      Dec 22nd 2008, 3:58

      at first I thought it looked kinda cool... but now I think it looks really bad. Sin City and 300 were good because Frank Miller wasnt directing by himself. but this solo debut is'nt going to be very good without Robert Rodriguez or Zac Snyder helping him

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