First official still for Ender’s Game

Our first look at the sci-fi adaptation

The first official still from forthcoming sci-fi adaptation Ender’s Game has emerged online, featuring a stern-looking Harrison Ford glowering at Asa Butterfield.

The film is an adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s 1985 novel of the same name, and is set on a future Earth torn apart by a pair of warring alien races. And as if that wasn’t enough, a third set of invaders are looming on the horizon.
Determined to make a stand against these alien aggressors, an international military fleet establishes a school to train the world’s most talented children in the skills of command necessary to lead the fightback.
Butterfield stars as Ender Wiggin, a tactical genius whose promotion to active duty is accelerated by Earth’s increasing need for salvation. Ford plays Colonel Hyrym Graff, one of the military officials to recognise Ender’s potential and thrust him into the spotlight.
Directed by Gavin Hood and co-starring Ben Kingsley, Abigail Breslin and Hailee Steinfeld, Ender’s Game opens in the UK on 25 October 2013.


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    • JamieTSB

      Dec 5th 2012, 18:31

      One of my favourite novels, I really hope they do it the justice that it deserves.

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    • spoonlamp

      Dec 5th 2012, 19:28

      Agreed, loved this book and have hopes they'll do it well. But...I expect not. Too many disappointments from the land of Holly...

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    • Murphy0806

      Dec 5th 2012, 23:42

      Brilliant novel and I really hope they do it justice. But, there are things that just can't translate into film. Either they will be way too bleak or very boring. I really don't know how they will portray the final third to satisfy a main stream audience. I fear another Golden Compass hack job. No chance of Speaker For The Dead that's for sure.

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    • jamesbarber

      Dec 6th 2012, 3:19

      Really? Asa Butterfield looks sixteen standing next to Harrison Ford. Doesn't anyone remember that Ender was supposed to be this small kid who gets picked on a lot because he's a Third? Nobody's gonna pick on the biggest kid, no matter what number child he is.

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    • alexr

      Dec 6th 2012, 8:26

      From what I remember of the novel, Ender is supposed to be aged 6-10 during the course of the story. But then some of the scenes would not play out so well for cinema audiences if the kid was so young...

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    • SoshiGEE

      Dec 6th 2012, 11:36

      What I heard from Card (as an extra on the audiobook of Enders Game) is that in the previous movie deals, the studios tried to force ender to be 16, so he turned all of them down. He said that *this* studio 'got it' though, but...Ender doesn't look like a weak 7 year old, I agree. Maybe he gave up?

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