First pics of Watchmen’s Black Freighter

Get a glimpse of Zack Snyder’s animated take

The first pictures of Tales Of The Black Freighter – the comic-within-a-comic from Watchmen that Zack Snyder has turned into an animated companion for the movie, are online.

Tales’ storyline is taken from a comic-book read by a minor character in Alan Moore’s original graphic novel and serves as a crafty thematic parallel for the story of Rorschach and co.

Sadly, there wasn’t room for the animation (which features 300's Gerard Butler as the voice of the haggard main character) in the movie itself - including it would have pushed the running time to more than three hours.

But from the looks of these images, the director hasn't spared the darker side of the tale's death-laden plot.

We’re still hoping that Snyder holds true to his promise to deliver an ultimate director’s cut with all the extra material spliced back into the movie on DVD.

The standalone Black Freighter DVD – which will include the film team’s take on another of Moore's side-dishes - superhero memoir Under The Hood – will arrive on US shelves March 24. No word as yet of a UK release.

Get your eyes to the right to see the images from the mini-movie in our gallery. Thanks to JoBlo for the pics.

Are you hoping for that director's cut with all the special stuff crammed in? Or is this just all proof of the novel's unfilmability?


    • slaine70

      Feb 4th 2009, 12:46

      Would love to see this as close to the graphic novel as possible, definitely want the directors cut on dvd...

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    • Benmorse

      Feb 5th 2009, 18:48

      Why not? The novel is as much about the medium as it is the story. Mixing prose, images and pulp comics is no different to mixing live action (main film) animation (Black Freighter) and Faux-Documentary (Behind the mask). As long as Schnyder is using this to make a comment of some sort, either on the story or the nature of the medium, he will be living up to the Watchmen ethos. Let it run. I'd way rather sit through three hours than the studio sanitised version if it means the intent was intact.

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