First poster for John Carpenter’s new film

Title changed from Scared Straight to Riot

A new poster for John Carpenter’s Riot has been released online, revealing a whole lot of nothing about the director’s first movie in a decade.

As you can see in the gallery, the teaser poster highlights that Nic Cage will star in the movie, even turning the tagline into a pun on his name. Cage… Uncaged... See what they did there? *sigh*

Originally entitled Scared Straight, Riot follows the story of a troubled youth who is sent to jail under a crime-prevention program. When a riot breaks out, a lifer (Cage) is forced to help him out.

Sounds like a perfect Carpenter movie to us. Prisons, all-male cast, issues of government intervention and repression. We’re cautiously optimistic.

Thanks to SlashFilm for the poster.



    • Ray Peterson

      Nov 7th 2008, 16:51

      Here's hoping it's less Ghosts of Mars, more Escape from New York. Cigarette Burns for the Masters of Horror series wasn't bad, so fingers crossed eh?

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    • Buried At Sea

      Nov 8th 2008, 10:10

      Nic Cage, won't you just you know, F*** OFF!

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